Mortgage Loans

Loans that help buy houses. And help shape lives.

Your next house? It's not just four walls and a roof. It's home base for your life. Where you retreat from the cold world, feel your family's warm embrace, sleep in, cook out, laugh with friends and enjoy quiet moments at day's end. You find the perfect place, and we'll provide the perfect loan to get you there.

House hunting? You've got a lot of decisions to make. About the type of neighborhood, number of bedrooms and size of the kitchen. And about how to finance the biggest investment of your life. At Capital Credit Union, we offer a wide range of attractive mortgages designed to fit all lifestyles and budgets. Let our experts guide you to the loan that helps you comfortably achieve your home-ownership dreams.

Additional Types

  • Conventional Mortgages: Fixed-rate and adjustable rate loans are available. Choose from 15-year and 30-year mortgages as well as other repayment terms.    5% down payment requirement.
  • New Construction Loans: A lot goes into building a new home, so we keep it simple. Some lenders charge for closing costs twice – after construction is complete and again after you move in. We only charge once. We also offer a 12-month rate lock on financing, meaning there are no surprise cost increases once construction begins.
  • Federal Home Administration Loans: These government-backed loans are often ideal for first-time home buyers. Attractive qualities include low fixed rates, just a 3% down payment requirement and less-stringent credit rating qualifications.
  • U.S. Department of Agriculture Loans: These fixed-rate mortgages are for buyers who want to live outside metropolitan areas. No down payment is required.
  • VA Loans: American veterans and their surviving spouses may be eligible for loans that carry a lower fixed rate and no requirements for down payments or private mortgage insurance.
  • North Dakota Housing Finance Agency Program: This program helps North Dakotans who need down payment or closing cost assistance. If borrowers qualify, they must complete a home-buyer education program. They then can get a fixed-rate loan for as little as $500 in out-of-pocket costs.
  • Family Mortgage Opportunity Program: This program provides a more affordable option for families who want to purchase a home for their college student, elderly parents or adult child with a disability. Capital Credit Union can help applicants purchase a home, requiring a smaller down payment and offering lower interest rates compared to investment property purchases.
  • Refinancing: Depending on your situation, refinancing your home loan may help you obtain a lower interest rate, reduce your monthly payment, or shorten the term of your home loan.

As a member of Capital Credit Union, you have access to our network of financial services all across North Dakota and into Minnesota. Contact us to learn more about our home loans and apply today.