Mortgage Services Team

The cost for our expert mortgage advice? It's on the house.

Growing families need bigger places. Empty-nesters need smaller ones. Young folks want that first home. Smart borrowers want to refinance current homes. North Dakotans and Western Minnesotans have all sorts of mortgage needs. So a one-size-fits-all approach won't work. That's why Capital Credit Union's mortgage loan officers will take the time to learn about your personal situation and then find the best home loan for you.


Leanne Holzer
Mortgage Operations Manager
NMLS# 329761
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Scott Bullinger
Mortgage Loan Officer -
Business Development Specialist
NMLS# 630548
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Aaron Wentz
Mortgage Loan Officer
NMLS# 630550
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Doug Lee
Senior Mortgage Loan Officer
NMLS# 1117840
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Brent Fischer
Mortgage Loan Officer
NMLS# 889668
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Paul Cook
Mortgage Loan Officer -
Business Development Specialist
NMLS# 1739579
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Laurie Parisien
Mortgage Loan Officer -
NMLS# 630551
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