Visa Credit Cards

The perfect companion when you're on the go. Or when you're just letting go.

A Visa credit card isn't just a way to pay for things. It's a way to get more "go" in your life. Use it to go shopping at the mall, online, for fine wine or for fishing line. To go to the nightclub, the day spa or the movies. To go on vacation in Barcelona or right here in North Dakota. Or to go get or go do almost anything else you can imagine.

The Capital Credit Union Visa credit card will quickly become the go-to tool in your wallet. First off, it saves you money with a low interest rate and no annual fees. It also makes it easy for you to transfer balances from other cards, access cash and shop online. And finally, you can pile up points by making purchases and then use them to get great rewards from thousands of big-name retailers.

Additional Features

  • No annual fee
  • Fee-free balance transfers
  • 25-day grace period on new purchases
  • Accepted at over 30 million locations worldwide
  • Cash access at more than 2 million ATMs
  • Visa Checkout available for easier online payments
  • Need help? Get local service by calling 255.0042 or 1.800.735.6922
  • Falcon Fraud service will notify you when there is suspicious activity on your Visa card
  • Visa Liability protection safeguards you against unauthorized charges if your card is lost or stolen

Special Rewards Card Perks

Already Have A Capital Credit Union Visa?


* Variable rate will be determined based on your credit history

Upon approval of your Capital Credit Union Visa card, we can transfer any balances you may have from other credit cards to our low interest rate Visa. There are no interest charges on purchases paid in full each month. Credit Life and Credit Disability Insurance are also available. All transactions and concerns are handled locally by us.

The account will be charged standard variable purchase rates that may change with Prime as published in Wall Street Journal. As of 7/1/18, the standard variable APRs on purchases ranged from 10.74% to 20.74%, depending on credit qualifications and choice of rewards. You agree to allow approximately 30 days for us to process your response and transfer the balance(s) to your Capital Credit Union account. Please continue to make at least the minimum payments on your other credit cards until you have determined that the balances have been transferred. Capital Credit Union is not responsible for fees and interest charges incurred by you prior to your balance being transferred to Capital Credit Union. Payment of the amount(s) may or may not satisfy any outstanding balance(s) on the designated account(s). You will continue to be responsible for any balances on your other credit cards. In the event that your request(s) exceed the amount of your credit line, the credit union will fulfill your requests in numeric order as listed, may decline to process one or more requests and/or may complete one request in a partial amount. The payment and transfer of balances is contingent upon approval by the credit union and receipt of complete, legible balance transfer requests. Your balance transfer request may not be used to make payments toward amounts you owe Capital Credit Union. Transfer requests to cash or to yourself cannot be processed. Periodic Interest Charges apply from date of transaction.

Must be logged into the Capital Credit Union Visa Rewards account to shop through Ampre online mall, shop using the links shown and use Capital Credit Union VISA card to check out to earn additional points. If you are charged interest, the charge will be no less than $0.50. Cash advance fee: 4% of the amount of each cash advance or $5.00, whichever is more. Foreign transaction fee: 2% of each transaction in U.S. dollars if the transaction involves a currency conversion or does not involve a currency conversion.