Growth CD

Let's go get your goal.

Our special 36-month Certificate of Deposit is a great option for growing your savings to reach a specific goal, like buying a lake house. This special CD rate tracks with the US Prime Rate and adjusts as rates change, so you always maximize your potential savings.

Term Rate1 Annual Percentage Yield1
36-Month Growth 3.00% 3.04%

Additional Features


  • $2,500 minimum balance

Service Charges

  • No regular service charge

Fill out our CD application to open your account. 

1 Annual Percentage Yield effective as of 11/1/2018. Rates are subject to change.
Minimum deposit of $2,500 required. Penalties apply for early withdrawal of CDs. Penalties can reduce principal. Fees may reduce earnings. Rates adjust the first day of the following month. The special CD rate is based on the US Prime Rate minus a margin of 2.25%. The interest rate will never drop more than .001% below or exceed 3% above the interest rate initially disclosed to you. Offer may end without notice. Other restrictions may apply. Insured by NCUA.