Business Visa Credit Cards

No matter what business you're in, our business credit card is the right tool for the job.

Heard of the "wow" factor? Businesses operate on a "now" factor. Major supplier having a sale? Your Business Visa lets you buy inventory right now. Delivery van won't start? Your Visa lets you pay for repairs right now. Office staff feeling unloved? Yep, your Capital Credit Union Visa card lets you order those much-needed pizzas right now.

For North Dakota businesses, timing is everything. When you need a big-ticket item, you often don't have time to apply for a regular loan. When you're making critical smaller purchases, sending checks can take too long. A Capital Credit Union Business Visa lets you make all types of purchases exactly when the time is right. And you'll keep costs in line with low interest rates and no annual fees.

All new credit card accounts get a one-time $150 cash bonus2
if you spend $5,000 on purchases within the first 3 months from account opening.


Credit Card Benefits

Rewards Credit Card Perks

  • Started Sept. 1: Earn 1.5% cash back1 on everyday purchases, everyday
  • Ended Aug. 31: Earn rewards and redeem on our rewards website (existing points must be redeemed by Dec. 31, 2022)

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How We Will Calculate Your Balance: We use a method called “average daily balance” (including new purchases). Variable Rates: The interest rate can change monthly on the first day of each month following a change in the Prime Rate. The Annual Percentage Rate will never be more than the maximum rate allowed by applicable law. Any increase will take the form of more payments of the same amount. Other Fees: In addition to the fees disclosed above, the following fees may be imposed. Minimum Payment Requirement: 2% of the outstanding balance (3% for share-secured Visa cards), subject to a minimum of $20.

1Earn 1.5% cash back on all net purchases. Cash back rewards earned will be deposited as money into the member’s S51 (CU Bonus) account and will post to your account within 1-2 billing cycles. For existing cardholders switching to a different Capital Credit Union credit card, the new program will start the first day of the billing period following the date of the switch. Cash back rewards are subject to the terms and conditions disclosed when you opened your account and any subsequent amendments.

2Cardmembers will earn $150 if $5,000 or more net purchases are made on a new Capital Credit Union rewards or non-rewards credit card account within the first 90 days from account opening. Account must be opened within the promotional period, which begins on 1/1/23 and ends on 12/31/23. Purchases toward $5,000 must be posted within 90 days from account opening to qualify. If all the required terms and conditions are met to earn the cash back, the $150 will be deposited into the member’s S51 (CU Bonus) account within 1-2 billing cycles following the completion of the 90-day period.

Net purchases do not include returns, balance transfers, refunds/reversals, fees, ATM transactions, or cash advances. The member’s account must be open and in good standing when cash back is deposited. Additional terms and conditions may apply, and programs, rates, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.