Business Visa Debit Cards

Modern Business 101: Plastic is in. Paper is out.

Know how business expenses got paid back in the day? By a guy with a green visor writing checks from a roll-top desk. Today, your North Dakota workplace is probably visor-free. Maybe it's time to cut back on checks, too. It can often be far more efficient to use a Capital Credit Union Visa Business Debit Card.

Even for a small business, writing checks for every expense can take up a lot of time. And using a credit card for every purchase can push your balance higher than you'd like. With a debit card, you cut down on clerical chores and potential interest charges. Plus, if you need cash, you can get it at thousands of ATMs spread over North Dakota, the rest of the country and around the world.

Additional Features

  • Card comes free with Business Checking accounts 
  • Accepted at any place that accepts Visa credit cards
  • Easy access to cash at ATMs worldwide
  • Free fraud protection services on all cards