Cash Management

Cash Management Services

Save time, simplify and give your customers what they want. The right systems and services streamline your business. That leads to saving you plenty of time and money. With Capital Credit Union's Cash Management solutions, you can accomplish these goals while delivering more convenience to your customers.
Merchant Capture 

For just $75 per month*, Merchant Capture allows business members to scan checks right from their office, store or other business location, and deposit them into their Capital Credit Union account. Check scanner installation and service is provided directly by Capital Credit Union's Business Department, and the check scanner is provided at no cost to you. 

  • SAVE TIME preparing deposits
  • SAVE MONEY by eliminating trips to the credit union
  • Make deposits and access deposit history ANYTIME
  • EASY ACCESS to check images
  • FASTER funds availability

Looking to boost efficiency? Reducing your staff's check-handling burden is a simple solution. ACH services are a cost-efficient and accurate way to send and receive money while freeing up your staff to focus on larger business goals.
  • Manage payroll and vendor payments with less effort and expense
  • Do the same with incoming payments from customers and business partners 
If you have questions or are interested in utilizing Cash Management for your business, please contact Cash Management Supervisor Kaitlyn Ohlhauser or Cash Management Officer Alexis Horn.

Cash Management Team

Kaitlyn Ohlhauser
Cash Management Supervisor
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Alexis Horn
Cash Management Officer
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Please note: The basic requirement for Capital Credit Union Merchant Capture services include: a PC, an internet connection and up-to-date anti-virus software. A check scanner will be provided by the credit union.

*If certain requirements are met, Capital Credit Union may waive monthly fee.