Certificates of Deposit

With our CDs, a little waiting can go a long way.

In North Dakota, time can be your friend. Wait long enough and the crops grow. The road near your house gets paved. Your college loan debt shrinks. Your small business grows and prospers. And the Certificates of Deposit you invest in reach full maturity and reward you with terrific returns.

Need a little more money to pay next year's tuition? A six-month CD is a smart choice. Looking ahead to retirement? Put a five-year CD in your IRA portfolio. That's one great feature of Capital Credit Union's Certificates of Deposit: You can choose whether to invest for a few months or a few years. To give you even more control, some CDs allow you to bump up the rate after you make your initial investment.

Additional Features

  • Earn guaranteed dividends that exceed regular saving rates
  • Choose terms ranging from 3 to 61 months
  • Never lose your principal balance
  • CDs available as part of Individual Retirement Accounts
  • Rate bump-up available on some CDs1
  • Free eStatements
  • Free access to CU Online and our mobile app
  • All accounts are insured up to $250,000


  • $500 minimum balance

Service Charges

  • No regular service charge
  • Penalty for withdrawing fund before CD matures
1If you have a CD account with a bump feature, you may at any time during the term of your CD, request that we raise your rate to the current Capital Credit Union published rate for the equivalent term Bump CD. You will then earn that higher rate for the remainder of the term. You may only exercise this feature one time during the term of the CD. CD rates are set at the credit union’s discretion. It is a possibility that the rate would not increase over the term of the CD and you would not be able to bump your rate. The maximum additional Relationship Rewards rate bonus on this CD is 0.10%, depending on your level of share (excluding CD’s) or loan balances.