Money Market

This market only goes one way. And that's up.

A sense of adventure? In North Dakota, most of us have one. After all, we hunt elk with bow and arrow, hike rugged trails in the Badlands and run with the Thundering Herd at NDSU football games. But when it comes to finances, many of us are more cautious. One risk-free option is a Money Market account that offers guaranteed returns on your investment.

A reliable investment? With everything you hear on the financial news, is there really any such thing? Yes, there is. With a Capital Credit Union Money Market account, you'll never have to worry about losing your initial deposit. You'll earn higher returns than you would with a regular savings account. And if you decide you need the money for something else? No problem. You can access it whenever you need it.

Additional Features


  • $2,500 minimum balance requirement
  • Must maintain $2,500 minimum to earn dividends

Service Charges

  • $10 per month if balance falls below minimum balance