Special Share Savings

It's money that can create memories that last a lifetime.

Something special? That's walking your daughter walk down the aisle, or watching your son earn his college diploma. It's a family trip to the tropics, or the backcountry cabin everyone's been wanting. Make it all possible with special accounts that help you save for some of life's magic moments.

Job, family, church, school. Our daily routine shapes our lives, but it's the special times that lift our spirits. Whether you’re saving for a wedding, college, vacation or something else, a Capital Credit Union Special Share Savings account is the answer. Choose an account name that reflects its purpose, and then enjoy the regular dividends, online banking access, and all the smiles that come when you reach your savings goal.

Additional Features

  • Earn regular dividends
  • Choose whatever name you want for the account
  • No minimum balance
  • Easy cash access
  • Make unlimited deposits
  • Free eStatements
  • Free 24-hour online and mobile banking
  • All accounts are insured up to $250,000


  • None

Service Charges

  • None