Visa Prepaid Cards

Want to fill your pocket with great buying power? Get this financial marvel.

Answer this riddle: What's just as valuable as cash, as convenient as a credit card, and can be used over and over at millions of places around the world? It's the plastic with super powers, the Visa prepaid card. And it can be found at your nearest Capital Credit Union branch.
What do you do with a Visa prepaid card? Pretty much anything. These versatile cards can be used at stores, online or at ATMs. So you can send one as a gift to a relative, give one as a bonus to your best worker or use one to teach your teen how to be responsible with plastic. And because the world is full of bad guys, take it with you when you travel and prevent any threat to your credit card account.

Additional Features

  • Load up to $2,000
  • Can be used anywhere that accepts Visa
  • Works at ATMs
  • Can be used for online purchases
  • Can be reloaded with additional funds and reused
  • Non-personalized or personalized cards available
  • Fraud-resistant since they're not tied to any account
  • Visa Zero Liability Protection
  • Visa Consumer Purchase Protection
  • Visa Emergency Travel Assistance
  • $1,000 Lost Luggage Protection
  • Free cardholder website
  • Terms and Conditions
As a member of Capital Credit Union, you have access to our network of financial services all across North Dakota and into Minnesota. Contact us to learn more about our Visa cards and get one today.