CU Pay

Need to move money from Person B to Person A? We've got the perfect way.

Maybe you have to get funds to a friend stranded all the way across the state. Maybe you have to settle the dinner tab with the other friend seated just across the restaurant table. Whether you're sending money near or far, it only takes a moment to make electronic payments using Capital Credit Union's CU Pay.

Pay your landlord or landscaper. Send money straight to your roommate's cell phone or email a birthday gift to a buddy in Boise or Boston. Electronic person-to-person payment systems have become particularly popular, and our North Dakota members can send cash in a flash using CU Pay. And even better, you can receive payments just as easily as you can make them.

Consider This

  • Send or receive money quickly
  • All you need is the other person's smartphone number or email address
  • The payee doesn't have to have a CCU account
  • Safer than mailing cash, and faster than sending checks

Easy Steps to Start

  1. Log on to CU Online and select CU Pay under the Transfer tab.
  2. To add a payee, provide routing and account number information to initiate the set- up process. You can also set up payees by providing an email or cell phone number.
  3. To ensure you are the owner of the accounts, we will make a small trial deposit and withdrawal from each account. These transaction will be posted within two business days.
  4. To validate your accounts, verify the trial transaction amounts and then return to the Accounts & Recipients page. Click the Activate link and enter the amount for each transaction. If the values match, the account will be activated.
  5. You’re ready to go! On the Transfers section in Overview page select from/to account and start transferring funds.
*If you are a first-time user, or your phone number on your account was recently changed, you may receive a call from our contact center verifying the transaction prior to funds being released