Direct Deposit

Your work is hard. Collecting your pay should be easy.

The old way of depositing paychecks? Wait for one to arrive in the mail. Drive to your local credit union branch. Stand in line for awhile. And then make small talk with the staff. The new way? Wake up on payday with your hard-earned money already sitting in your Capital Credit Union account.

Your boss probably tells you to do a lot of things. Now it's time to turn the tables. Let your employer know you want your paycheck deposited electronically in your checking account. Most likely, they'll be happy to help you make the arrangements. You'll have faster access to your money and won't have to spend time making an in-person deposit.

More to Know

  • Free Capital Credit Union service
  • No waiting in line to deposit check
  • No chance of your paycheck being lost in the mail
  • Electronically deposit employer pay, Social Security benefits, pension distributions and investment income
  • You'll need to provide your employer with Capital Credit Union's routing number: 291378130