Safe Deposit Boxes

Some things are simply irreplaceable. We know how to take care of them.

They can cradle your kids' birth certificates. Offer a safe haven for savings bonds. Or preserve old pictures of pioneer ancestors who ventured to North Dakota generations ago. Capital Credit Union safe deposit boxes aren't just places to lock things up. They're the best way to protect your family's most precious treasures.

We all like to think our North Dakota and Minnesota homes are safe and secure. But fire, bad weather and even thieves can leave us more vulnerable than we might think. That's why it's a good idea to keep many of your most valuable possession in a safe deposit box. Our carefully crafted policies give you easy access to your items, but also ensure that nothing else can harm them. A variety of sizes and rates are available at are available at our Main OfficeNorthwest BranchMandan BranchHazen Branch and Fargo Veterans Blvd. Branch.

What to Know

  • Safe deposit boxes come in a variety of sizes with a range of annual rental fees.
  • Personal items that might be stored in a safe deposit box include birth and marriage certificates, stamps, rare coins, jewelry, savings bonds, insurance documents, photographs and wills.
  • Business documents that might be kept in a box include contracts, securities, deeds, tax records, documents and leases.
  • All those who sign the rental agreement card may have access to a box. All joint renters have the right to enter the box without permission of the other parties and to remove contents from the box.
  • Rent is due and payable on the annual anniversary date and automatically deducted from your savings or checking account.
  • Rent not paid within 30 days of the due date is considered delinquent and a late fee is charged.
  • Renters are given two keys to your box. You must notify the credit union if any keys are lost or stolen.
  • Locksmiths and key shops are not allowed to make duplicate keys. This is to help protect your valuables.