Wire Transfers

Facing a deadline? Move your money at the speed of life.

It's a get-it-done-now world. We order fast-food from the drive-thru. Buy groceries in the express checkout line. Demand overnight shipping of our online purchases. It's no wonder we want fast results when we transfer money. Fortunately, Capital Credit Union is always ready with a rapid response.

Want to make sure your monthly loan payment arrives on time? Arrange for an automatic transfer from your Capital Credit Union account. Need to send money cross-country to seal a business deal or beat the deadline for a special sale? Arrange for a wire transfer. Whether you're sending funds outside North Dakota or into another credit union's account, electronic transfers deliver all the speed that you need.

Automatic Transfers

  • Free Capital Credit Union service
  • Transfer funds from another institution to your Capital Credit Union deposit or loan accounts
  • Transfer funds from your Capital Credit Union account to another institution
  • Transfer can be arranged for any day of the month
  • Easy to set up schedule for recurring transfers

Wire Transfers

  • The quickest and most secure way to send money
  • Can be sent within the U.S. or internationally
  • Wires received by the credit union after 2 p.m. for international and U.S. transfers will be sent the next business day.
  • Capital Credit Union uses Bank of North Dakota as the intermediary bank
  • First credit goes to Bank of North Dakota (BND)/ABA 091300285 (1200 Memorial Highway, Bismarck ND 58506).
  • Final credit to Capital Credit Union/ABA #291378130 with member’s name and account number.
  • Both routing numbers are necessary to complete a wire transfer into a Capital Credit Union account.
  • Capital Credit Union's current fee schedule, which includes wire transfer fees, is available upon request. Click here to contact us.