Credit Union Difference

A credit union is a not-for-profit financial institution made up of people who share a common bond; such as the same employment, church, or community.

Capital Credit Union is a community based credit union inviting all who live within our
membership radius to become members.

The credit union is a financial cooperative owned by its members, helping them to pool their savings and lend to one another. Members have an equal voice in deciding how the credit union is managed. Officers, directors, and committee members are elected by the members and serve as volunteers. As a result, the credit union can operate economically, so you can expect to earn more when you save and pay less when you borrow.

This simple concept has built the credit union into a strong financial institution that offers exceptional privileges, and a sensible way to build your financial future.

Becoming a member of Capital Credit Union is a wise financial decision. For a deposit of $25 into your share savings account, you may enjoy all the benefits of the Credit Union, including competitive returns on your savings, low loan rates, and a variety of special services.