Cash Management

Save time, simplify and give your customers what they want.

The right systems and services streamline your business. That leads to saving you plenty of time and money. With Capital Credit Union's Cash Management solutions, you can accomplish these goals while delivering more convenience to your customers.

Improve efficiency
Remain competitive

Fast-track funds. Let your customers pay with credit, debit and gift cards. Protect your business accounts against fraud. Accomplish all of it with Capital Credit Union's Cash Management services.

Looking to boost efficiency? Reducing your staff's check-handling burden is a simple solution. ACH services are a cost-efficient and accurate way to send and receive money while freeing up your staff to focus on larger business goals.

Additional Features

  • Manage payroll and vendor payments with less effort and expense
  • Do the same with incoming payments from customers and business partners

Service Charges

  • $10 per month

Save time and money by scanning and depositing checks from your office, store or worksite instead of driving to the credit union. Use a special scanner to scan checks and deposit them whenever it's convenient for you. We'll provide the scanner free of charge as well as install and service it.

Additional Features

  • Funds are available faster
  • Access deposit history and check images anytime

Service Charges

  • $75 per month*

Set up a line of defense against unauthorized or altered transactions and stolen account numbers with Positive Pay. When you send out payment, you share an electronic list with us - providing payee information and other payment details. When someone tries to collect payment on your accounts, we compare it against the provided list. If we see something unmatched, we'll notify you through your preferred contact method. You'll then have the option to accept or reject the payment.

Additional Features

  • Significantly decreases chances of fraudulent checks posting to your account
  • Protects your business against altered and unauthorized checks, as well as questionable ACH transactions

Service Charges

  • Positive Pay for Checks
    • $50 for 1st enrolled account, $25 per additional account
  • Positive Pay for ACH (Debit Transactions)
    • $25 per enrolled account
  • Positive Pay for ACH (Credit Transactions)
    • $10 per enrolled account

Cash Management Team


Kaitlyn Ohlhauser

Kaitlyn Ohlhauser

Bismarck Main Office
Business Credit Analyst & Cash Management Supervisor

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Please note: The basic requirement for Capital Credit Union Merchant Capture services include: a PC, an internet connection and up-to-date anti-virus software. A check scanner will be provided by the credit union.

*If certain requirements are met, Capital Credit Union may waive monthly fee.