Current Openings
How to Apply

Interested candidates can apply online. We recommend having the followings items handy before filling out the application:

  • Personal information (including addresses, military service dates, etc.)
  • Electronic version of resume
  • 3 personal and professional references (including name, address, phone and occupation)
  • Complete employment history (including phone, addresses, job title, supervisor name, job duties, dates employed and salary)
  • Education (H.S. and higher)
  • Those applicants requiring a reasonable accommodation to complete this application should contact the Human Resources Department at 701.255.0042 or
Tips to Win the Job!

Do your homework – Research the company you are applying with. What is their business? Where are they located? What does someone do in the position you are applying for?

Prepare yourself – Think about your skills, education and experience. How do they fit the organization and position? Why should the organization choose you over everyone else? Be ready to share stories from your past that showcase your talents. If you do not have a lot of work experience, think about experience you gained through volunteering or your education.

Dress professionally – Look at the type of business you are applying at and how their employees dress. It is best to err on the conservative side – cover tattoos, take out facial and body piercings, avoid showing too much skin or wearing clothing or hairstyles that will distract interviewers from what you are saying. You want your clothing to compliment your interview, not be the focus of it! Also, remember to smile – it may be the most important thing you wear!

Make contact – If you need to cancel or change an appointment call the interviewer in advance. Don’t burn bridges by just not showing up! You can politely explain your situation and leave the opportunity to possibly reschedule or reapply in the future.

Be prompt – You will want to be a little early for the interview. You never know what you may experience in traffic or parking and you don’t want to be late. If you are late for the interview the employer may assume you would be late for work!

Relax & be yourself – During the interview, try to relax and have a conversation with the interviewer. Everyone is nervous in an interview, but it is important to remember that everyone in the room is human. Be confident and let the interviewer see your personality and make a connection.

Listen & reflect – When answering a question, be sure to listen to the question and take time to think before you answer. It is ok to pause and collect your thoughts before just spouting off an answer. Also, keep your responses positive. This is not the time to badmouth former employers, as the interviewer may assume you would do the same to them!

Ask questions – Prepare questions to ask the interviewer. You need to “interview” the company to see if they will be a fit for you. These questions should be geared towards the company’s business, job duties and expectations, or culture. Wait to ask about days you want to take off or when you can expect a raise – you have not gotten the job yet!

Say thank you – Follow up with a “thank you” after an interview. This could be a card, phone call or email depending on the organization and how you have been communicating during the selection process.

Show your passion – Show the company you truly want to work for them and you are passionate about it – but genuinely mean it! It is not worth yours or the organization’s time and energy if you don’t really want to work there!

Why Work for Us?

We’ve got something special here at Capital Credit Union and our members know it. Originally chartered in 1936, we’ve provided them with highly competitive financial products, conveniences and friendly personal service. To give our members the best, we need the best team. People who share our core values of caring, reliable, integrity, visionary, passion and pride. People committed to giving their best every day! To attract and retain the best team we offer a competitive salary and benefits package and a work environment that is challenging, rewarding and fun! But, don’t just take our word for it. Here is what employees had to say in an anonymous survey:

  • “Capital Credit Union is a great place to be part of a team. The management is supportive and flexible – they realize family is important. There are chances for advancement. It’s a place to make a career, not just a job you go to everyday.”
  • “Capital Credit Union is a fun place to work. At the end of the day it’s rewarding as to what we can do for members.”
  • “The [Capital] credit union is a great place to work with a lot of friendly employees and helpful supervisors. We work hard but have a lot of fun in the process.”
  • “I love my job and the people I work with. We all work as a team and it is a great atmosphere. I would recommend it to anyone.”
Our Culture
Competitive Benefit Packages
Equal Employment Opportunity
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A tobacco-free environment must be maintained in all credit union offices including lounges, twenty feet from entrances, exits, operable windows, air intakes, and ventilation systems of enclosed areas and credit union owned vehicles. Any employee using tobacco within the areas noted is subject to disciplinary action, which could include termination.