Int’l Credit Union Day, Oct. 19

International Credit Union Day, Oct. 19
Capital Credit Union celebrates cooperative difference, expresses gratitude to members with free coffee, cookies.

BISMARCK, ND (Oct. 11, 2017) – Capital Credit Union members will receive free coffee and cookies when they visit one of the credit union’s 10 branches during normal business hours on International Credit Union Day, Thursday, Oct. 19.

Click here to read Gov. Burgum’s International Credit Union Day proclamation.

Why Credit Unions Are Worth Celebrating
Curious what makes a credit union different from other kinds of financial institutions? Credit unions are owned by their members and governed by a volunteer board of directors. This type of cooperative structure allows credit unions to return profits to members in the form of lower interest rates on loans, higher interest rates on deposits, and lower and fewer fees.

International Credit Union Day gives these not-for-profit financial cooperatives the opportunity to inform consumers about the financial alternative they offer, celebrate their achievements, and thank their members, employees and volunteers who have helped further their “People Helping People” mission.

How To Join
Capital Credit Union has a community charter which allows people who meet the following requirements automatic eligibility for membership:

  • Live in Dickinson, ND
  • Live within 75 miles of Bismarck, ND
  • Live within 75 miles of Hazen, ND
  • Live within 75 miles of Fargo, ND
  • Live within 50 miles of Beulah, ND
  • Live within 50 miles of New Salem, ND
  • Immediate family lives within 50 miles of Bismarck, ND

To join, new members deposit and maintain $25 in their membership savings account. This represents their ownership in the credit union, and because credit unions are cooperatives, each member’s share is the same amount. This is completely refundable to members in good standing who, at any time, choose to end their membership.

Further information about Capital Credit Union membership can be found at

Statewide Branches
Capital Credit Union’s 10 branches in which members can stop on International Credit Union to celebrate:

Main Office
204 W. Thayer Ave. in Bismarck

North Branch (Dan’s Supermarket)
3101 N. 11th St. in Bismarck

Northwest Branch
1550 Burnt Boat Drive in Bismarck

Sunrise Branch (Dan’s Supermarket)
3103 Yorktown Drive in Bismarck

South Branch (Dan’s Supermarket)
835 S. Washington St. in Bismarck

Mandan Branch
600 E. Main St.

Beulah Branch
131 W. Main St.

Hazen Branch
145 Main St. E.

Fargo Branch
4900 13th Ave. S.

New Salem Branch
316 Main Ave.

Individual branch hour information can be found at