Visa Fraud Detection Service

Visa Fraud Detection Service (Falcon Fraud)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Falcon Fraud?
Capital Credit Union is working hard to protect your Visa credit card from fraud. We have an automated fraud detection service, called Falcon Fraud, designed to notify you when there is suspicious activity on your Visa credit card. Having an automated service enables us to contact you within moments of the transaction, receive your confirmation, and reduce the risk of us authorizing additional transaction that may be fraudulent.

When will Falcon Fraud call?
Between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m., Falcon Fraud will contact you to confirm transactions that are suspicious.

What happens when Falcon Fraud calls?
If you receive a call from this automated service you will be prompted to verify your identity and to validate the transaction in question. If you confirm that you did not make the transaction, you will be able to instruct Falcon Fraud to block the card from further activity on your account. If you confirm that you did not make the purchase, we will block the card permanently to prevent further fraudulent activity. You can expect to receive a new card in approximately two weeks.

What happens when Falcon Fraud doesn’t reach you?
If Fraud Scout is unable to reach you, it will leave a message for you to return the call. The message will identify Capital Credit Union and provide you with a toll-free number and reference code to use when you call Falcon Fraud back. The service is available for your return call 24/7.

We may have placed a temporary block on your Visa card to prevent additional transactions until we are able to confirm the activity with you. It is important that we hear from you as soon as possible so we can determine the appropriate next steps to protect you from fraudulent use of your account.

Once you call the toll-free number and confirm whether or not you made the purchase we will either remove the temporary block or block the card permanently. If your card is blocked permanently due to fraudulent activity, you can expect to receive a new card in approximately two weeks.

If you have more questions about Falcon Fraud, please contact member services at 1-800-735-6922 or call Falcon Fraud directly at 1-800-241-2440.