Certificates of Deposit

Time is on your side when growing your business funds.

Investing business funds can be a tough call. You want to maximize growth, but how much risk is too much? With our Certificates of Deposit, you go conservative and still come out ahead with impressive earnings.

Maximize your savings
Choose terms from 3 to 61 months

Patience and planning are the keys to taking full advantage of our Certificates of Deposit. Earmark funds you don't need to access in the near future and keep them deposited for the CD's full term to get the most growth possible.

Additional Features

  • Earn guaranteed dividends at a fixed rate that exceeds regular saving rates
  • Never lose your principal balance
  • Rate bump-up available on some CDs1
  • Free eStatements
  • Monitor growth through CU Online and our mobile app
  • All accounts are insured up to $250,000


  • $500 minimum balance

Service Charge

  • No regular service charge (but there's a penalty for withdrawing funds before the CD matures)

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1 If you have a CD account with a bump feature, you may at any time during the term of your CD, request that we raise your rate to the current Capital Credit Union published rate for the equivalent term Bump CD. You will then earn that higher rate for the remainder of the term. You may only exercise this feature one time during the term of the CD. CD rates are set at the credit union’s discretion. It is a possibility that the rate would not increase over the term of the CD and you would not be able to bump your rate. The maximum additional Relationship Rewards rate bonus on this CD is 0.10%, depending on your level of share (excluding CD’s) or loan balances.