Fraud Protection

Together, we can take a tough stand against fraud.

First, the troubling truth: Financial thieves are on the prowl for your personal information, eager to steal your identity and hard-earned money. Now, the good news: There are highly effective ways to fight back - and our combined efforts can make a huge difference.

Here are some tips to help you protect yourself and your family from fraud.

  • Pay close attention to all your accounts and transaction history. It’s important to review your account information regularly, especially during the holiday season, when you’re likely spending more than usual. Using our mobile app, makes monitoring your account quick and easy. If you notice unauthorized transactions or discrepancies, contact us right away.
  • Go mobile. Use Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay. Add your debit and credit cards to your digital wallet to take advantage of the latest encryption protection. This way, no matter if you’re shopping in-store or online, your personal information is secure.
  • Ask yourself: Is this too good to be true? Be aware of scams when shopping or donating to charities online, receiving a check you weren’t expecting or even secret shopper scams. Does the deal look too good to be true? It probably is. Is the site asking for irrelevant personal information? It could be a scam.
  • Monitor online activity. Fraud hits people of all ages, so be sure to monitor your children’s online activity. Parents or guardians could be held liable if their child falls for an online scam.
  • Verify site security. Before entering your credit card information, always verify checkout is secure by confirming the URL starts with "https://". This means the site is using an SSL certificate which secures data as it passes from the website to the server and keeps it safe from hackers.
  • Set account alerts. Capital Credit Union offers customizable transaction alerts via email or text message through CU Online. Setting alerts can help you better manage your account while also giving you peace of mind.
  • Protect your PIN. Pay attention to your surroundings when using credit and debit cards in public. The best way to protect your PIN is to shield the keypad anytime you enter your PIN. Also, be on the lookout for ATM skimming devices. If something looks odd on the ATM machine, don’t use it.
  • Watch out for other scams. Scammers often claim to be from your financial institution and ask for your personal information so they can “make sure your information isn’t compromised.” In reality, anyone who contacts you directly asking for your information over the phone or via email or social media is likely not authorized to do so. Err on the side of caution, do not respond, contact us to confirm if the call or message you received was legitimate.

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