Know & Grow

Friendly faces. Smart ideas. Give our vlogs a view.

Some of our Capital Credit Union professionals have become part-time "vloggers." No, they don't chop down any trees. Instead, they've produced video blogs designed to educate you on financial topics and empower your long-term success.

Know & Grow: Credit Scores

Understanding, building and maintaining your credit score is one of the most important things you can do for your financial well-being. Your credit score is designed to predict risk, and will determine if you can get home, auto and personal loans – AND how much you’ll pay for those loans. Certified Credit Union Financial Counselor Jocelyn Schneider offers three tips for building your credit.

Know & Grow: Kids & Saving

At Capital Credit Union, we believe young people need to hear the saving-is-good message early and often. That's why our Pee Wee Young Savers Club offers kids real tools and fun incentives to teach them how to be responsible with money. Certified Credit Union Financial Counselor Jocelyn Schneider offers additional fun ways to get your children started with saving.

Know & Grow: Fraud Protection

At Capital Credit Union, we have policies in place and have trained our staff to watch for any unusual activity, but it’s important for members to protect their financial information as well. Capital Credit Union Certified Credit Union Financial Counselor Jocelyn Schneider offers tips on things to look out for and ways to help you protect yourself and your family from fraud.

Know & Grow: Budgeting

When it comes to budgeting, some people love apps and others prefer pencil and paper. No matter which you choose, the most important thing is to find a way to budget that works for you and stick to it. Certified Credit Union Financial Counselor Jocelyn Schneider covers the basics of budgeting.

Know & Grow: Home Buying

Does your family need more room to grow? Mortgage Loan Officer Brent Fischer covers three North Dakota Housing Finance Agency programs that make home buying affordable.

Know & Grow: Factors That Affect Your Credit Score

There are many factors that go into a credit score. Financial Services Representative Tyler Artlip explains the three that matter most.

Know & Grow: Credit Life Insurance

Is credit life insurance right for you? Financial Services Representative Ines Rasidovic explains credit life insurance and how it helps provide financial security.

Know & Grow: Starting a Business

Starting a business? Business Services Vice President Ryan Welder walks you through the financial side.

Know & Grow: Why Your Credit Score Is Important

Do you know your credit score? Financial Services Representative Tyler Artlip explains why your credit score is important.

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