Manufactured Home Loans

It's a great way to downsize. Or pick up and go somewhere else.

Checked out the latest modular homes? They're pretty sweet. They cost far less than regular houses, are cheaper to heat and cool, and often let you design your own floor plan. At Capital Credit Union, we offer a good reason to consider one -- affordable loans with easy repayment terms.

Looking for someplace smaller? Or ready to take your life to a different part of North Dakota? Join the 22 million Americans who now live in manufactured homes. Although financing is difficult in some places, that's not the case in our state. Capital Credit Union makes this lifestyle choice quite practical by allowing you to pre-qualify for attractive rates before you go shopping for your dream home.


Additional Features

  • Financing for new and used manufactured homes
  • Six-year balloon loans with competitive interest rates
  • Down payment of 10% to 15%
  • Fast loan prequalification and closing processes
  • Amortization rate depends on loan amount
  • 5-year amortization: Loans of less than $10,000
  • 7-year amortization: $10,000 – $15,000
  • 10-year amortization: More than $15,000
  • 15-year amortization: More than $25,000
  • 20-year amortization: More than $50,000


  • Active checking account at Capital Credit Union
  • Direct deposit of paycheck
  • 2-12 months of taxes and insurance in reserves (escrow account)
  • One-year insurance paid up front
  • Automatic monthly loan payments made from checking

Application Form

*Terms and conditions may vary depending on application and credit history.